East Texas FireArms Training

East Texas Firearms & Training LLC has expanded its services to include unique simulated training to complement our live fire training!

We use a Portable Small Arms Law Enforcement Training Simulator to create a unique training experience that isn't possible with live fire! Hire us! We will come to you and set up competitions, games, or training within a 60 mile radius for $100/hr beyond that distance an additional .50 per mile roundtrip is charged. We offer special pricing for birthday party packages and church events!

We have options!

Take advantage of our marksmanship training programs to hone your skills and become a better marksman with both static and moving targets!

Learn how to think quickly and acquire specific targets rather than just squeeze the trigger!

Once you hone your skills participate in our IDPA simulated competitions and win prizes!

Have your Concealed Handgun permit and want to train so you have a better plan and muscle memory to protect yourself and family when seconds count and training is crucial? We can do that too!

We have Concealed Carry Scenarios that allow you to train in real life situations that you might encounter! We have you train realistically learning what to do when and how to move to cover in intense situations!


We have law enforcement scenarios in Judgmental Training to help law enforcement officers sharpen their skills to help keep our communities safe! We are able to change the scenarios with hot buttons based on the officers commands and responses in these situations. We  also have the capability to allow the officer to deploy non lethals to comply suspects depending on  the officer and the situation.

Officers may also find it helpful to train on our simulator using the FLETC approved course of fire prior to their live fire qualifications.


Use our scenarios and moving target drills to ensure that your church security ministry enhances through training the skills necessary to protect your congregation in case of a shooter situation.

Training is fun!

We also have games that are seemingly pure entertainment however allow you to show off how you've honed your skills to be able to acquire your targets quickly and efficiently hunting animals, shooting down enemy war planes and more!

Would you like to book us to come to your event party, or retreat? That's an option! We are completely portable! Contact us for details!