Cute ammo design stud earrings available in multiple calibers natural or with a colored stones! $15/pair plus shipping if applicable.

North American Arms 5shot .22LR pocket pistol! Fun TINY 5 shot single action revolver! $236.38 TTL plus shipping if applicable.

LICENSED FFL Dealer  adding a few guns, ammo, and accessories to our inventory daily! We can order any (legal) gun you need or want as well as perform FFL TRASFERS if wish to order from somewhere else and need to have it shipped to an FFL near you! The cost of that service is $20/transfer. 

East Texas FireArms Training

New Arrival

Taurus 709 Slim 9mm $250 TTL shipping not included

4X4 Blue painted Steel pistol and shotgun targets $12.00 each plus shipping if applicable

3X9 white painted Steel pistol targets $10.00 each plus shipping if applicable

Adorable ammo design dangle earrings also available in multiple calibers! $10/pair plus shipping if applicable.


22LR Remington 1400 hollowpoint round bucket $84.99 plus tax

22LR Winchester 100rnd boxes $10.79 plus tax

.380 Remington 50rnd box 19.49 plus tax

.380 Tulo 50rnd box 14.99 plus tax

.9mm Remmington critical defense 50 rnd box $19.49 plus tax

.45 Winchester 100rnd box $49.99 plus tax

3030 Sellier and Bellot rifle 20 rnd box $19.49 plus tax

243 Sellier and Bellot rifle 100gr 20 rnd box $19.49 plus tax

Earplugs $0.50 pair

Safety glasses $1.00 pair

local pickup only

For the archers, dangle arrow earrings, Single arrow design $5/pair. Multiple arrow design $10/pair plus shipping if applicable.

Shotshell dangle earrings available in multiple calibers as well as different brass colors. $12/pair plus shipping if applicable.