Defensive Skills 1 Class $80/person
Perfect for the LTC holder....
Training with your preferred method of carry in realistic situations.

What kinds of drills are implemented in Skills 1?
Learn if your method of carry is effective for you.
Can you effectively pull from your method of carry QUICKLY enough to save your life and neutralize your target.

Learn the importance of moving to cover while shooting and shooting from behind cover.

Practice combatting malfunctions quickly for defensive situations and rapidly exchanging magazines.

The handgun and holster you carry regularly (every day) for personal protection, extra magazine, eye and ear protection, and 50 rounds of ammo. Unless you wear tactical gear every day of your life don't come to class dressed in your perfect tactical pants and collared shirt with your tac boots! Come to class exactly as you would go to town on a daily basis with your conceal carry firearm! Ladies that means if you carry in a purse regularly bring it, this will be what you will use on the range. Guys if you carry in an inside the waistband holster regularly don't come to class with your 1911 strapped to your hip! This training can be as helpful and effective for real life situations as you allow it! So come how you normally carry and let's work with it!
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East Texas FireArms Training

NRA Refuse to be a victim seminars familiarize attendees with proactive ways to raise their situational awareness and take steps to help prevent them from becoming a victim! It is a 4 hour seminar in which attendees receive their NRA packet as well as incredible information that can be applied and practiced in multiple facets of self protection such as Personal security, Automobile Security, Home Security, Travel Security, Technological Security, Personal Protection Device Options, Workplace Safety and more!



We also offer NRA Basic Pistol classes.  This is an incredible class that is jam packed with information. The course is about 8 hours long and includes classroom and range time. Learning to use revolvers and semi-automatic pistols as well as identify individual parts of each. Students learn the NRA rules for safe gun handling, pistol operation, ammunition, shooting fundamentals, range rules, shooting from different positions, cleaning and maintenance, safe storage, and continued opportunities. Students will receive a packet with the NRA Basic pistol handbook as well as other goodies and a certificate upon completion.

The NRA Eddie Eagle Program takes the guesswork out of how to talk to your kids about being safe around guns!

our NRA Rifle classes cover the same basic principles as the NRA Basic Pistol but specific to rifles and their varied actions and types. Students are provided with an NRA packet during the class and certificate upon completion.

Every Texas hunter (including out-of-state hunters) born on or after Sept. 2, 1971, must successfully complete a Hunter Education Training Course. Minimum age of certification is 9 years of age. The course is 4-6 hours and includes a written exam after classroom time as well as range/field time, students may bring their favorite .22 rifle for the range/field portion. One will be provided if needed. The cost of the course is $15/student. A temporary certification card will be issued upon completion and the permanent Hunter Ed Cert card will be mailed shortly thereafter.

We offer the Texas License to Carry Course for $65/person which provides the 4-6 hour instruction in the four subject, non-violent dispute resolution, Use of Force and applicable laws, safe storage, and handgun use and safety followed by the (multiple choice) written exam and then the proficiency demonstration at the range.

Students are required to pass both the written exam with at least a score of 70% as well as the proficiency exam with a score of 70% or 175.

Students are required to demonstrate proficiency with any caliber revolver or semiautomatic handgun.  They are required to bring at least 50 rounds of ammunition as well as eye and ear protection.

Course of fire-

20 shots will be fired from the 3yard line in 3 separate instructed shot sequences called by the instructor.

20 shots will be fired from the 7yard line in 4 separate instructed shot sequences called by the instructor.

10 shots will be fired from the 15yard line in 2 separate instructed shot sequences called by the instructor.

All courses of fire will be conducted on a standard 24"X45" B27 target in 1 of the four colors red, green, blue, or black. the 5,4,3 scoring diagram in the upper left hand corner will be utilized to score the targets.

Please free to contact us to discuss any special needs you may have to help your success and comfort in this class.

A LTC 100 is issued to each student upon course completion. Must be at least 21 years(or turning 21 within the year) of age or active duty military to attend.



Ask us about Private Lessons! or Private Range Time $30/hr Participants provide their own equipment and ammo, (loaner guns available at no additional charge) Minors need a parent or Guardian present.